Mount Kilimanjaro Airport

How to get to Mount Kilimanjaro Airport

What airport for the Kilimanjaro climb? To get to Kilimanjaro you need to fly to Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA). Before you start your hiking escapade to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro you will need to establish how to get there, and the best mode of transport to suit your itinerary or tour. Travellers flying from the UK, the US, Australia Canada and other parts of the world have a few options to explore, the most popular being the Kilimanjaro Airport.

Flights from London / USA to Mount Kilimanjaro

Where to fly to Climb Kilimanjaro for climbers in the US, Europe and the UK, the easiest thing to do is to fly from a major local airport hub near your location to Amsterdam (most major airports in the US, Europe and the UK have flights to Amsterdam), and then catch the KLM Airlines to JRO connecting flight.

Flights to Mount Kilimanjaro

The best option would be to pick one of the direct flights to Mount Kilimanjaro airport, located approximately 45 kilometres from the towns of Moshi, Marangu or Arusha as this is where most climbs will start or where your small group tour will meet. Airlines that fly into Kilimanjaro airport include:


Turkish Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines 



Travellers should note these direct flights or airlines may be subject to change, please check the airline’s websites and the Kilimanjaro Airport one for further information. 

Mount Kilimanjaro Airport


where do you fly into for Kilimanjaro? If you don’t want to pick one of the direct flights to Kilimanjaro Airport, the next option for travellers is to fly into Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam, as this is the main hub for domestic and international travellers. Domestic flights within Tanzania are operated by regional airlines, including:

Precision Air 



Hanh Air


Kenya Air

Julius Nyerere International Airport is located just 12 kilometres from the Dar es Salaam city centre. Depending on how your tour or itinerary is planned, many operators will start their tours in Dar es Salaam and travel overland to the towns of Moshi or Arusha.

If time allows, you could always stay in Dar es Salaam and enjoy the time before your hike on a few of the beaches including Kipepeo Beach, Coco Beach or Mbezi Beach, something you can’t do from the Kilimanjaro Airport. 


Another option that is sometimes overlooked is for travellers to fly into Nairobi Airport in Kenya and book a one-hour connecting direct flight to Kilimanjaro airport. If you do arrive in Kenya, there is the option for you to arrive by land in Arusha via shuttle bus or a private transfer (depending on your budget). Flights to Nairobi are likely to be cheaper than flying directly into Kilimanjaro Airport and allow for the opportunity to explore another region before trekking to Mount Kilimanjaro.

It is worth noting that while the initial flight into Kenya might seem cheaper, travellers should consider the cost of an additional visa to Kenya, local taxis, and accommodation if spending a night in Nairobi before travelling onwards and starting the tour in Arusha.


 (IATA: JRO, ICAO: HTKJ), which is serviced daily by several airlines, is where you must fly to reach Kilimanjaro. Coming from outside of Tanzania, you will need to fly to Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), the closest international airport to Africa’s tallest mountain.

After flying into Kilimanjaro International Airport, most trekkers stay in either Arusha or Moshi, two Tanzanian cities that are considered to be the gateway to climbing Kilimanjaro.

The cities of Arusha and Moshi are the closest large towns to Kilimanjaro National Park.

Moshi is the capital of the Kilimanjaro region and an entry point to hiking, safaris and general Tanzania exploration. 

Arusha is one of the largest cities in the area and is an international hub for diplomacy and travel, famously as a gateway to the Serengeti National Park in the west and climbing Kilimanjaro in the east. 

As an alternative, you can fly into Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta International (NBO) airport and connect to JRO there, or you can fly into Kenya’s capital Nairobi (NBO) and connect to JRO there (Kenya Airways, Precision Air).

Flying into Nairobi, Kenya, is one of the greatest ways to obtain inexpensive flights to the Kilimanjaro International Airport. 

After landing in Kenya, you can also travel there by car. Although the roads can be rather difficult at times, there are many bus and shuttle alternatives to get you to Moshi town or the city of Arusha. This can save you some time and money as well.

Best flights to Mount Kilimanjaro International



South Africa

Via Kenya Airlines: From South Africa to Nairobi – Nairobi to Kilimanjaro

Via Ethiopian Airlines: From South Africa to Addis Ababa – Addis Ababa to Kilimanjaro

Via Qatar Airlines: From South Africa to Doha – Doha to Kilimanjaro


Via KLM: Direct Flights from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro


Via CondorAir: Direct Flights from Frankfurt to Kilimanjaro


Via Turkish Airlines: Direct Flights from Istanbul to Kilimanjaro


Via Kenya Airlines: Direct Flights from Nairobi to Kilimanjaro

Via PrecisionAir: Direct Flights from Nairobi to Kilimanjaro


Via Qatar Airlines: Direct Flights from Doha to Kilimanjaro


Via Ethiopian Airlines: Direct Flights from Addis Ababa to Kilimanjaro


Via Rwanair: Direct Flights from Kigali to Kilimanjaro


The key starting places for any Kilimanjaro journey are the Tanzanian towns of Moshi and Arusha.  One of these locations is where the majority of tour companies have their headquarters, and there are many excellent lodging alternatives, dining establishments, retail establishments, and markets.

The Town of Moshi is closer to Kilimanjaro International Airport – 40 mins (45kms)
The City of Arusha is 90 mins (70 km)

Other Considerations

Please check your Visa and Passport Requirements well in advance of booking.

Make sure you are up to date with vaccinations (Yellow-fever and COVID)

It is advisable to arrive a few days ahead of your climb. This will allow for any unexpected delays and give you time to rest before the start of the climb.


Hikers and trekking enthusiasts should be aware that climbing Mount Kilimanjaro can only be done in the company of a licensed mountain operator while taking one of the predetermined routes on the mountain. 

There are limits to the number of tours or groups that can access the mountain or certain routes at a particular time, but this is managed directly by tour operators or licensed Kilimanjaro Local guides.

Small tours are often carried out with groups of 10-15 or so, and they are accompanied by a local support team that includes porters, chefs and of course, the hiking guide. 


The minimum age allowed to climb Kilimanjaro is 10 years old.

There is no upper age limit on who can climb Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit, as many people in their 70s and 80s regularly take up the challenge and are successful in their accents.

Before you travel, it is advised that you consult a medical professional to ensure there will be no problems during your trek, particularly if you are over 60 years of age.


Visas must be obtained in advance by all travellers, and almost everyone will need a visa.

A visa costs approximately US$100 or 50 for most nationalities and will be valid for a maximum of three months.

You can apply for the E-Visa Immigration Online portal.

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